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Fashion Nostalgia
Back to the 2000s!
Y2K is THE fashion trend of the year and catapults us back to all the fashion trends of the turn of the millennium: Casual headscarves, deep baggy jean, scrop tops, velvet suits, lots of glitter and colorful accessories are making their fashion comeback right now. More is definitely more here! Above all, it has to be colorful and eye-catching. There are also no limits to prints and patterns. Absolute key pieces are retro sunglasses, colorful hair clips and chunky shoes with thick outsoles.

Y2K is the abbreviation for "Year 2000" and describes above all the fashion style of this generation. Everything was colorful, rebellious and eye-catching. Back then, it-girls like Paris Hilton or pop stars like Christina Aguilera shaped the fashion world, today Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Kylie Jenner are showing us how popular the current fashion trend is.

If your closet unfortunately has no former treasures from the 2000s, then you will find many cool styles with us. Browse through our highlights and get inspired by the Y2K vibe!  

Published in April 2022 
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