One of the main considerations every season is that of the key color. The range of colors in menswear is more varied now than ever before, which you might have already noticed. This season earth tones hit the fashion world.
It’s not only beige which comes into our minds, when we think about earth tones. Rusty brown and khaki are also going to infuse our wardrobes with the vibrance of real trend colors. The colder months open up a whole host of new wardrobe options in terms of layering. For example: shirt underneath a sweater, underneath a hoodie and above all - a jacket or a coat. Going tonal with some earthy colors will ensure you’re on trend with your new layering look. If you’re not into monochrome styling, you can also mix and match some different earth tones. Browns, khakis, greens and stones are the perfect accompaniments. You need some color? Then put a twist on your earthy look with a neon-colored hoodie or shirt. Get ready for some shopping: 
Published in October

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