You cannot get around the Dad Sneaker Trend these days, because the popular kicks have already taken over the fashion world.
Dad sneakers, ugly sneakers, chunky sneakers or nerd sneakers – kind of ugly words to describe this hot trend. Whoever says dad sneaker are unflattering clearly doesn’t know that they will stay strong for the whole 2019. Besides, they go perfectly with any look, as there are many possible style combinations. Real fashion pros pair their dad sneakers with elegant dresses or cool suits. Get a sportier look by grabbing mom jeans or high waisted jeans and a hoodie. The look is effortless but stunning and it will surely get you a lot of compliments. If you prefer it to be less “chunky”, choose dad sneakers with a small sole, they are at least as cool as the big ones.

Another decises element is the décor: curvy lines in bright hues or neon colors. All white or all black styles are still trending, too. Now, in case you’re still not convinced, click through our gallery and you surely become a dad sneaker fan!

Published February 2019

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