All summer long we could confidently live without jackets… Autumn brings them back to us - in real style power!
Thanks to these cool jackets, we can cope well with the end of summer. Because this autumn there are, more must-have jackets than there have ever been. The absolute front-runners are Fake Fur jackets, here the motto is "the fluffier, the better". With these cuddly companions, you not only defy the cold, you also look super-stylish. A little sportier - but no less fluffy - are cord jackets with teddy fur, ideally in hip pink pastel. You want it to be more ladylike? Then try something new and grab a tweed jacket. With it, you can immediately take a seat in the first row of every fashion show, because tweed is so trendy right now!

What are you waiting for? Grab them all three, or even four, five... after a long hot summer, we have to enjoy going out the door with our jackets on!

Published September 2018 

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