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Autumn Essentials – Must Haves of the Season
Autumn is just around the corner and the outfits are ready. So it's high time to think about suitable accessories. In the cooler season, nothing works without warming essentials, of course, but there are far more it-pieces that provide that certain something and round off your look. 

By the way, "accessories" stands for "minor matter". But in fact, they can do much more than just complete a look. They give you personality and show who you are. What they can also do particularly well: Skillfully set off your outfit! We give you an insight into the hot pieces of the season.    

You can create a real eye-catcher with enough bling-bling. Less is more, however, is the motto. Men's rings come in a variety of styles, metals, and sizes, and they pair perfectly with other jewelry, like cool watches or layered necklaces. 

Caps are still essential when it comes to keeping warm. A new trend this fall: balaclavas. Yes, that's right! The cool accessory is perfect for not freezing, but also for going undercover on the streets.


Cold as ice
In October, there are two types of people: Those who love Halloween and those who want nothing to do with it. No matter which group you belong to, we have a cool tip for you: statement gloves!  With a cool skeleton print, you'll stand out even more and be perfectly prepared for Trick or Treat month. 

Got new kicks
Boots are not only a great choice to avoid getting cold feet, but combined with a color-coordinated beanie, they can conjure up a stylish fall look. With warm brown tones, you are especially right this fall and put your new shoes skillfully in the scene. 

Accessories check
If a cool beanie isn't enough for you, more matchy accessories will do the trick. Scarves with check patterns in autumnal tones are great for keeping you warm, but also create an eye-catching outfit with little effort.  Sunglasses with colored lenses, by the way, are a super finish for Golden October. 

We love cross body bags! Pragmatists are probably already familiar with them, but this fall the casual fanny pack is also combined with chic looks. With an elegant coat and the simple bag, you can conjure up a cool mix that is worth seeing and is also super practical so that you don't have your hands full. 

Published in October 2022 
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