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Never Look Back – Only if it’s Retro!
70’s called, they want their style back
Back to the 70s: bell-bottoms, platform shoes, crazy patterns and bright colors catapult us into the unforgettable era of Queen, Abba and Co. The time of "Peace, Love and Rock n' Roll", the age of upheaval and togetherness is more present than ever and is now also celebrating its comeback in terms of style! We show you three trends of the Seventies Modernism in our lookbook, which you can easily re-shop: 

Look 1

"Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo"

Admittedly, the Beatles' hit is already from 1969. Nevertheless, it creates a flashback in our minds to a hippie summer that made the transition into the 70s. We can't get enough of summer either, so let's fast-forward 50 years and get inspired for one last cool 70s summer look: The blue set in allover chain print consists of a cute T-shirt and matching skirt, which skillfully puts your beautiful legs in the limelight. The combo of 70s pattern and modern cut is perfect for the last warm days or but your next vacation, in which back to sun goes. Living your best life! 

Look 2

"And I've got all my love to give and I'll survive"

Sorry not sorry for this catchy tune, but "I will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor is still one of the biggest disco hits and anthem for all those who have had their hearts broken. If you too are in that time right now, turn up the music a little louder and slip into a cool crossover halter top with a wavy 70's pattern. Combine it with a pair of simple jeans, but even more eye-catching heels and cool sunglasses and you'll not only get back your good mood but also your self-confidence! You go, girl!

Look 3

"You can dance. You can jive. Having the time of your life"

Dancing Queen by Abba remains one of the great songs of the 70s and is still sung in every karaoke bar. Of course, we have the right outfit for the ultimate 70s vibes right at hand: If there is one color that is characteristic for the Wild Seventies, it is probably a chocolatey brown. Flared pants in exactly this shade are simple and thus the perfect companion to a blouse in an eye-catching graphic pattern. Promised, with it you are the eye-catcher! All eyes on you, dancing queen!

Published in September 2022 
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