The 'Paperbag Waist' trend is here to stay. And why not? There are many reasons to love these pants. They are cool, casual and super comfortable. Below, we have included some tips on how best to style them.
Before we start, we should address one question - What are paper bag waist pants? Let us explain: paper bag pants are trousers that have a scrunchy waist where they are usually tied together with a ribbon or belt. The effect looks a bit like a squeezed paper bag, hence the name. The main point is, these pants are all-round performers and can be styled for a variety of occasions. They’re chic, elegant and cool at the same time. They are the pants you choose when you want to look fierce and impress those around you. Whether you are at the office, out shopping or at a party - "Paperbag" is the keyword for a trendy look. The only fashion rule is: tuck in a top. The exception is: cropped tops of course! Even sweaters or shirts can be combined quite casually. Absolute highlight this winter: Paperbag trousers in trendy leather look! Here are our favorites with matching combo options: 
Published in November

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