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Only a few more hours, then our Greece trip is already coming to an end. It's unbelievable how fast time flies when you're having fun. And that's what we had! I can't tell you which is my favorite memory of this trip. But what I can definitely say is that I am incredibly glad that I packed too much rather than too little (even if I did get a lot of comments for it). 


Once you're on Paros, there's one thing you'll spend an incredible amount of time doing - taking pictures! On the Greek islands, as you could read in my numerous posts, there are incredibly beautiful spots that you just HAVE to capture!!! To start right away with a small album, I packed my Polaroid camera. I admit, it's not always easy to take the perfect photo with it, but it makes the memories even more authentic. 


Of course, what can't be missing in a Mediterranean location (as I unfortunately had to painfully realize) is a sun hat! I love the sun and long days at the beach, but my face unfortunately less. So if, unlike me, you don't want to sit like a crab at dinner, make sure you pack one. Not only are they useful, but they're also really stylish. In the end, I remedied myself with the obligatory "I ♥ Paros" tourist cap. It made my days here much more comfortable. 


Four weeks in Paros means 28 opportunities to get your bikini out at the same time. It can get pretty hot here in the summer - good thing I packed countless beach styles. Otherwise I would not have survived it here. But it doesn't always have to be just the bikini. I can't tell you how often I've grabbed my swimsuits with cutouts, because they just create such a great figure. By this way, I was not only equipped for an extensive tanning on the beach, but in combination with a pareo or cute shorts I could directly sip Ipanemas at the beach bars. 


Clothes are actually overrated on vacation. I realized that I don't need extensive lounge sets because it's quite simply way too hot. Cool and comfy underwear was the best outfit for chill times in our vacation home. So make sure you pack enough of it. I had such beautiful sets with me in simple nude and pink shades that gave me an incredible glow! As much as I loved being out and about in Paros, I also loved just laying on our balcony freshly moisturized (my tip: coconut body lotion for even more vacation vibes) with an exciting book. I swear to you - it's even better than a day at the spa!

So dear ones, I hope you found my Greece stories exciting and got a good impression of the beauty of each island. For Sophia and me it's now off to the airport with one laughing and one crying eye. I can't imagine being back in everyday life yet, but I am grateful for the unforgettable and relaxing time here. 

I'll be hearing from you again soon! Yours Olivia ♥

Published in August 2022 
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