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Natalie is the winner of our NEW YORKER model casting in Braunschweig. We have met her backstage while her first photo shoot for NEW YORKER:
Since 2016 we have been looking for young model talents from all over the world. In April 2017 our model casting took place for the first time in Braunschweig, the hometown of NEW YORKER. Natalie Zyber and her twin sister Nadine didn’t want to miss out on this chance and joined the open casting. Although Natalie became the winner, we invited them both to a photo shoot! Natalie and Nadine modelled together for a blouse special and for our Dirndl collection. Afterwards Natalie was starring in our autumn campaign 2017. We talked to her when she was with us for her first photo shoot: 
Why did you take part in the NEW YORKER Model Casting?
I like being in front of the camera and have always wanted to model, so I applied.
Where did you hear about the model casting?
A friend of mine drew my attention to it, she saw the call on Facebook. Then my sister and I spontaneously decided have a try. 
How did you feel when you got the message that you were the winner?
I was super happy and really overwhelmed!
Do you already have modeling experience?
Just a little.
What advice would you give girls and boys who would also like to take part in a model casting?
Just be yourself and believe in yourself!
What are your hobbies?
Sport is very important to me, I have been dancing with my sister since childhood.
Published in June 2018