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NEW YORKER employee Lena Luisa releases her new single "Paradise“
The 24 years old newcomer Lena Luisa Beese works for NEW YORKER and releases her single "Paradise" on 30 April, which we can currently even hear on our in-store radios. Summer, sun, sunshine - just what we all need again.
First of all, some general information about Lena Luisa. Our NEW YORKER employee from Salzburg already helped out part-time at the New Yorker store in Austria in 2014 while she was studying. After working in an office job for some time, Lena quickly realised that she is not an office person and that her heart beats for music. She has been connected to music all her life, as her mother is a jazz singer. At a young age, she learned to play the violin, guitar and electric bass and was also a member of her school band and choir at the time. So it quickly becomes clear that Lena had a really close relationship with music. In the meantime, Lena has already recorded over 30 songs. In the beginning, most of them were collaborations, but now she also releases her own songs in the RnB and pop genres. Today she works at the NEW YORKER store again and has her own record label. Her first EP will be released in October - listen to it when it's ready! 

 Have we aroused your interest? Then take a look here!

We asked the newcomer from Austria a few questions in an interview:

Your new song is called "Paradise". What does your personal paradise look like?
A desert island, bright blue water, lots of sunshine and my home studio in my luggage.
Do you have any musical idols?
My idols include Ariana Grande because of her unique voice and live shows and Tate McRae because of her emotional lyrics.

Describe your musical style in 3 words.
Emotional, powerful and versatile.

Your trick to spending Corona time semi-pleasantly?
I think there is something positive about Corona time besides all the chaos. You can use the extra time to learn new skills, get more involved with yourself and your dreams, and do everything you've always wanted to do but never had the time.

What is your current favourite New Yorker piece?
That's a very difficult question because I especially love New Yorker's summer collection. If I had to choose, I would go for the black and white striped jumpsuit with cut-out (, which is great to combine with a denim jacket and hat.