Fakten aus Rumänien – Heimat von 43 NEW YORKER Stores
Romania, the legendary country with its Dracula myth, is located on the Black Sea and has more than 20 million inhabitants. NEW YORKER currently has 43 stores throughout the country. Including 8 stores in the capital Bucharest.
One third of the country is occupied by mountains, highlands and plains. The country's mountain range is called the Carpathians, which separates the three historical regions of Moldova, Transylvania and Wallachia.
Romania has developed into a modern country that has completely succumbed to competition fever.
Year after year Romania announces new records for the "Guinness Book of Records".
As a result, the Romanians have satisfied their record addiction with the largest Easter egg (7.25 meters), the largest salad (19,000 kilos), the longest bratwurst (392 meters), the heaviest cake (281 kilos) and the largest flag (79,280 square meters) and have immortalized themselves in the Guinness Book of Records.

In the town of Sapânta, in the north of Romania, a large number of tourists make annual pilgrimages to the local cemetery every year. Why is that? 
The answer is simple: The cemetery is called "Happy Cemetery". There, on the approximately 800 colorful and hand-carved grave crosses, the deceased and the cause of death are presented and described in an unusual and humorous way through words and pictures.