Ardian Bujupi in the NEW YORKER News interview
Most of you may know Ardian Bujupi from his participation in "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" in 2011, where he was one of the three finalists to fight for the DSDS crown, alongside Sarah Engels and Pietro Lombardi. The sympathetic singer with Kosovo-Albanian origin already learned to play the drums and guitar at the age of ten, and the DSDS participation showed that his musical career has only just begun here: Ardian Bujupi has released five albums so far - especially his tracks "Wie im Traum" and "This Is My Time" have been successful in German rankings and provide over one million streams on spotify per month. With his new single "Reggaeton" he now provides us with Latin American summer vibes. NEW YORKER News met him for an Interview.
Which three words describe your music?
- International
- Positive
- Varied

Which musical styles influence you? Who is your musical role model and why?
I listen to all languages everything up and down the Urban music style, I even let myself be inspired by Denmark. Artists like Boef (Holland), PNL (France) or El Morad (Spain) are a small part of it. Weeknd is my musical role model, because he lets his music speak almost anonymously in the beginning and still doesn't give much away privately. You only know what is going on with him and how this person feels through his music, that gives me a lot.

In the Corona time you were creative and together with fans and friends like Pietro Lombardi you shot and published the track "Ohne Warnung" („Without warning“) in your own four walls. How else did you spend the time of the lockdown?
In the beginning I chilled a lot and took a vacation at home. I thought like everybody else: this will pass quickly. Then there was a phase in which I set up everything (fitness studio, music studio) at home. Now that I don't need that anymore I go to my music studio or to the fitness center as usual.
Foto: Sony Music
German, English or Albanian: In which language can feelings best be expressed?
I had to think for a long time about how I can put a feeling into words in German language. It is easier and faster in Albanian. Therefore, in terms of feelings definitely Albanian.

Which celebrity would you like to have dinner with?
Male: Leonardo Di Cabrio
Female: Margot Robbie

What has really moved you recently?
The explosion in Lebanon. 

What would you do if you were not a singer?
I would have tried my hand at film or marketing.

With "Reggaeton" you send us Latin American summer vibes, but you also have electro house, rap and pop. What else can we expect from you musically in the future?Further output on the same level as before. I'm excited about Dancehall - the rhythm is similar to Albanian music - but we also tried a couple of new music styles and have further songs planned already. Just stay posted!

Watch the „Reggaeton“ video here:

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