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Single like a Pringle!
What is actually hidden behind this well-known "holiday"? We explain it to you!
What once originated in China and has been celebrated there for a long time, has now become a worldwide trend. People celebrate the so-called "Singles Day" on 11.11. of the respective year. But why? 

Singles Day was originally supposed to be an "anti-Valentine's Day" event, where people gave each other gifts out of defiance of being alone. Since the number one stands for "single" or "single," the said date lent itself wonderfully. 

Today, November 11 is one of the days of the year when some companies come up with lots and lots of great price promotions - convenient if you want to make a gift after all!! 

But, Singles Day or not, whether single or in a partnership. One thing is most important, YOU! So, appreciate yourself and your life - we have a few tips for you:

  • Take more me-time for a happy mind
  • Life is easier with a positive attitude to life
  • Know your worth and go forward
  • Trust that everything has its purpose and right time
  • Make yourself your priority! ❤
To match the occasion, we've picked out our coolest one-pieces for you, which piece is your match? 
Published in November 2021
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