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I shoes to be happy
Walking into 2023 like…
It's impossible to have too many shoes! We need daily companions to go with all our outfits and fulfill practical functions. Particularly in winter, warm boots are essential for enduring the cold temperatures. However, they should not only be practical but also fashionable. As always, every trend comes back at some point - this year is no exception.

So without further ado, we show you a selection of our favorite boots including models that are also celebrating a comeback!

Which boot type are you? Find out now and put together your perfect look in our store! 👢 

Classic, timeless and assertive - does that sound like you? Congratulations! In that case, you are not only a born class president, but also this year's ultimate fashion queen. You have already mastered one trend that is coming back this year: riding boots!

This minimalist model first became famous in equestrian sports. Made out of (faux) leather it reaches just below the knee and ends with a low heel. In addition, it gives your outfit an elite touch and provides a high-class finish. Combine it with a classy cardigan and chic gold details for a fabulous look that will be a definite success.

You are often on the go, prefer a tough style and always have a quick-witted saying on your lips? We got you! "Cool kids" like you need cool boots, too. Chunky boots are the focus here. These casual boots have ruled the fashion world for quite some time now and therefore you can easily find them in almost all colors and shapes. Whether with studs or decorative zippers; shiny or matte; in black or beige - they are indispensable. Your favorite boots go perfectly with a skater skirt displaying your legs in the most flattering possible light. On particularly cold days you can also reach for a pair of leather leggings and get a look that clearly says "Don't mess with me!" 

"Romanticize your life" is your motto and you love dreamy, feminine outfits that simultaneously show your trend awareness? Then fashionable over-knee boots are ideal for you. They are elegant and keep you warm! This model is perfect for those cold days when you cannot resist wearing your favorite dress. The "little black dress" - as Coco Chanel said - is the most appropriate counterpart to elegant boots. In combination with a Barrett and a chain bag, you are stylish and radiate Parisienne vibes - C'est parfait.

You are the classic free spirit: artistic, good-natured and always reinventing yourself. Your look is often described as relaxed and unconventional since you only wear what you feel like and love to browse thrift stores. A main character like you also needs the right boots - biker boots! Boots highlight your confidence and keep you warm during your adventures. With loose fit garments, you can easily let your free spirit energy shine through.

Okay, we get it. You are unconventional. You are casual. Most of all, you are not a follower and refuse to follow every fashion trend. However, there is one style you cannot avoid – Chelsea boots. In the 60s, Chelsea boots were popular as a "Beatle Boot" and have just celebrated their revival: these shoes look great with any outfit. So, your jeans should never cover your look... For everyday wear, cropped jeans are ideal. If your pants are a little longer, you can easily roll them up to make your outfit even more casual.

Published in January 2023 
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