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20 years after "Popstars": The No Angels are back!
We still remember as if it was only yesterday: the first performances of the No Angels, who were the winners of the first RTL2 "Popstars" season - presented by NEW YORKER! For their 20th anniversary, the No Angels have re-released their big hit "Daylight In Your Eyes." Let's take a look back to the beginnings and talk to the No Angels in the NEW YORKER News interview:
We still remember as if it was only yesterday: the first appearances of the No Angels, who emerged as the winners of the first RTL2 "Popstars" season - presented by NEW YORKER! "Popstars" was the very first casting show on German TV and accompanied newcomers on their way into the music show business. And NEW YORKER was not only a sponsor of the innovative format, but was also very close to the hype surrounding the then still five singers Nadja Benaissa, Lucy Diakovska, Sandy Mölling, Vanessa Petruo and Jessica Wahls, who sold more than 500,000 singles of their hit "Daylight In Your Eyes" within one week. Autograph sessions and store appearances at NEW YORKER were real mass events; no wonder, NEW YORKER had also just entered the music business and was a guarantor for atmosphere and the presentation of current top acts among the young target group.
Photo: Archive NEW YORKER
The No Angels are still Germany's most successful all-female band of all time. With "Daylight In Your Eyes," they not only made it into the Top 10 right away, the song also went platinum, and the subsequent album "Elle'ments" reached gold status. At that time, the No Angels won everything that could be won: including the VIVA Comet, BRAVO Otto, Echo Pop and also the Golden Camera and the Bambi several times. Over the years, they released several albums, until family reasons within the band, but also by the high intensity of performances, at the end of 2003 caused them to take a break. In 2007, however, they were back on stage for a comeback, but then only as a foursome, because Vanessa Petruo had decided against a comeback with the No Angels in favor of her solo career. A new album and further appearances - such as at the Eurovision Song Contest, which the No Angels unfortunately finished in 23rd place - then followed.

The last appearance was then in 2013 - until today, because actually they just wanted to celebrate their 20th anniversary and record their mega hit "Daylight In Your Eyes" once again. But then the fans didn't let up, and the No Angels went into the studio together once again. The result has become a spectacular album, a look back at the unforgettable songs of the most successful girl band in continental Europe and, as a special bonus, brand new songs. 

The album "20" will be released by BMG on June 4, 2021 and will be available for pre-order from February 27. The single "Daylight In Your Eyes (Celebration Version)" is already available digitally from February 12, 2021.
Jess answered our questions about the comeback:
We are happy to see you again! How did you keep in touch the last 10 years after your first comeback?
:-) We are totally happy! 
We had occasional contact. But not so regularly. I saw Lucy 1-2 times a year in Leipzig, because we were at the same events. With Sandy I talked on the phone and wrote from time to time. In 2018 I could finally visit her in LA. But at that time we had not seen each other for 5 years. Nadja I met sometimes in Berlin. I'm glad we all finally got to be more involved with each other again, both professionally and privately. 

In 2000, New Yorker presented the first Popstars season on TV. And there was also a lot going on in the stores at the time. Which event or anecdote from that time do you still remember?
I can still remember that we once had a whole store to ourselves and we were allowed to take everything we liked. A DREAM!!! Unfortunately I don't remember in which city that was, but we were freaking out.

Your style from back then in three words?
At that time I thought it was good. Today I just say 'OH MY GOSH'.

And your style today?
I'm more the casual type. Of course I love to dress up, but basically everything goes in the direction of sporty/sexy. I'm also into the 90's hip-hop style... baggy & hoddie croptop are always good.

Echo, Golden Camera, 1Live Krone, Bravo Otto, Comet and even more ... you have won all the important awards. Which one is still missing?
Of course it would be really nice to get a recognition for a successful anniversary year. It doesn't have to be in the form of an award.

You are still the best-selling German girl group and the most successful girl group in continental Europe. What else can we look forward to from the No Angels in the future?
We are enjoying the time to the fullest and really feel like celebrating and would love to go back on stage right away to celebrate all the old and new songs with our fans. We miss our angel community very much. But unfortunately we can't think about gigs at the moment. So the next highlight is our album '20'. We hope everyone finds it as cool as we do.

Your trick to spend the Corona time halfway pleasant?
The Corona time itself is terrible. A lot of people suffer, it's horrible to watch.
As for socialdistancing, for me it's not so terrible. I like to be alone. Besides, you can see your friends or family members - just not all at once. Zack, quick test done, then it works. It's all a question of organization.