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We present you our edgy styles for the next fall season!
It's hard to miss that Cody Miller is THE teen crush of the school. Despite this, he is not out of the ordinary! Cody loves easy outfits that underline his athleticism. As the quarterback of the NEW YORKER Lions, nothing goes without a college jacket that perfectly captures his love of football. He wears classic blue jeans combined with white sneakers - a look that makes the girls' hearts beat faster, especially that of his flame Olivia. 
High school queen Olivia knows exactly what she wants! Fashion-conscious, popular and admired, she is known as the trendsetter of the grade and provides the ultimate "Clueless" vibes. Not many dare to combine chic bouclé jackets with cool gladiator boots. Olivia does - and with such self confidence she can score points. With matching accessories of colorful bags or dotted tights she is the eye-catcher!
The right shoe is the key to the perfect outfit! Tyler knows exactly how to put his sneakers in the spotlight. With his comfy hoodies and relaxed joggers, he has the perfect outfit for shooting baskets during his lunch break. Of course, a cool beanie can't be missing either to provide that certain nonchalance. The girls are into it - Coach Claus rather not, which is why Tyler is not exactly the teacher's favorite of the year. 
Tara doesn't know the feeling of not knowing what to wear. All it takes is a quick look in her closet and she's ready to go! With cool oversize shirts and wide fabric pants she creates the signature look of her role model Billie Eilish. Equipped with a quilted vest and crossbody bag, she focuses on casual details that underline her attitude: Young, wild and free is her motto and that's what she always wants to represent.
Kevin is a clean slate for many. But that doesn't apply to his song lyrics. A creative loner with a desire to become a musician, he prefers dark colors that won't make him stick out. Beanies and plaid shirts are plain enough for him to maintain his anonymity despite flashy jewelry and black fingernails. Although he always looks angry, he is actually a typical daydreamer who always knows what songs are hot at the moment.
Sarah likes it practical. But who says practical can't also be stylish? Her classic Harvard look consisting of a white blouse and a plaid sweater hints at her love for books. However, with the combo of short skater skirts and matching biker boots, she shows that she's got more than just geometry! Will her secret crush Cody finally notice her?
Coach Claus is not as strict as he pretends to be, even if Bad Boy Tyler would say otherwise. Claus can never be found without his beloved college jacket in classic red.  With white tennis socks, a cap and sunglasses, he wants to prove that he's not old school and is at least as cool as teen crush Cody. You can come to him to talk about the current basketball season. But he also wants to help when it comes to girls and would rather be the best buddy than a teacher.

Published in August 2021
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