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Boo from the crew
Let’s get ready for Halloween 2022!
The official spookiest time of the year has begun. To make sure you are prepared for the upcoming Halloween party, we show you some cool looks that you can easily pull off. This year, we're not wasting time and money on expensive and elaborate costumes. Instead, we're showing you how you can get into the Halloween spirit with easy spooky outfits - without having to dig deep into your pockets.
The High-School-Queen

If you love being the center of attention and also enjoy dressing up for Halloween, then this is your cue! For a devilishly look, don't miss out on a leather look. "All Black Everything" is the motto here - because with black you set the base for a dark look that has it all. A leather dress is perfect for a high school queen like you - especially if you like it spicy. But our leather set consisting of pants, top and a matching blazer are also perfect if you want something a little more dressed up. 

By the way, you don't need any elaborate make-up for your finished outfit. Just put on devil horns and wrap your hair around them. Fixed with bobby pins and hairspray, your look is even dance-ready. 🕸 

Top of the Class

It's no longer a secret that still waters run deep. Often, the designated high school nerds are the ones you absolutely misjudge. How about surprising everyone this Halloween? Get into a colorful sweater and a plaid tennis skirt. The combo is cute and proves your sweet side to everyone. But where there's candy, there's also trick-or-treat. You can show that with a spooky make-up, which you can easily create with white face paint. For the perfect finish, apply black lipstick and you're ready for the Halloween party! 🕷 

Everybody’s Darling

If you're into Halloween themed parties but you're not the spooky type, we have the perfect solution for you too: It's all about the makeup! Granted, you can't avoid a cool outfit. But for a sweetheart like you, cute plush sets in different colors are just the thing. How about a bright blue? Combined with a pink wig and matching makeup, you'll definitely be the eye-catcher between all the gloomy looks. Put on a strong eye make-up on your face. You can perfect it with glitter stones and eye-catching lipstick. Et voilà - there's so much more to Halloween signature looks. You'll definitely stand out with this style. 🎭 

The Future Football Star

HHalloween is coming up and you don’t fancy dressing up at all? No problem! A college jacket in combination with a plain shirt is a good start to make your appearance as the quarterback and high school crush perfect. To make it Halloween-ready, all you need is some white face make up to cover your entire face and a black paint pencil to paint your eyes and mouth… and, you're ready! Feel free to use our inspo image to make your look perfect.  Promise, anyone can pull off this Halloween costume! 🎃 

The Cool Kid

Trick or Treat for every day: whether you're a Halloween fan or not, everyone probably needs warm clothes in their closet for the gloomy (and cold) season. As the festival of terror approaches, a skeleton print on your sweater is perfect. The No Costume Costume is a winner with its simplicity and can be worn at school as well as at the next Halloween party. If you want to add to it, you can also underline your face with a creepy make-up and be prepared for a scary night. 🕯 

What will you choose? Visit our store and find the perfect essentials for your Halloween party! 🔥

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