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Embrace the cozy side of life
Who doesn't love thin and comfortable sports fabrics? You want to wear them all day long. Thanks to close-fitting material, sports clothes hug your body perfectly and show off your silhouette. That alone is motivation enough to head to the GYM.


Start your day right with a sporty outfit! How about an all-grey look? You'll shine with the matching set in casual colour. A pair of long leggings with white sneakers will highlight your legs. The close fit of the leggings is just right on the treadmill or the bike. A matching sports bra can be worn as a top to complete the look. Wear an eye-catching red statement cap on your way to the gym. This adds sportiness to your look and protects you from the sun at the same time.
For a classic sports look, you can't get wrong with a black and white matching set. The look always works, whether you're weight training, yoga or other sports. Sports outfits are anything but boring because of the special mix of two tones.


Start the day with positive vibes by choosing a cool twinset in a gorgeous pastel green shade. Whether you're heading to the gym or taking a relaxing day off, this gorgeous colour will always fit perfectly. It puts you in a positive mood and gives you the energy you need for your training session. The harmonious combination of briefs and a bralette makes this outfit versatile. Wear it with matching workout shorts for sports or style it with jeans for a casual everyday look. Whichever you choose, the vibes will be on point!


An all-over look in stylish beige keeps you stylish all the time. No other colour can be combined so wonderfully. With this monochrome outfit you will definitely attract all eyes! For warm days you can also use a hair band - it not only keeps your hair out of your face, but also adds a sporty and elegant touch.


After a long and productive day, it's time to snuggle up and relax in a cute pair of pyjamas in the evening. Especially in the summer months, a loose and light two-piece is ideal for a restful night's sleep. To ensure your hair doesn't bother you, tie it up in a loose messy bun. It doesn't matter if a few strands hang out of the braid, as it completes the undone look. It's perfect for a cosy evening on the couch with a bit of me time.

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Published in July 2023
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