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O Christmas Tree
Whether for the too tight apartment, the small money or just to try something new - Here are three ideas to spice up Christmas with a new variation of the Christmas tree:

Easy: The Ladder Tree

Transforms a simple wooden stepladder with fairy lights and other decorative accessories to the highlight of the living room. This variant is super fast to implement and is dismantled after the party with a few simple steps. This unusual creation will make your guests' eyes light up.
Individual: The decorative tree made of wood

The tree for DIY lovers!

If you like to be creative yourself, you can of course build a tree out of wood yourself - for example, from stacked wooden slats or branches. There are no limits to your imagination!

Evergreen: The Christmas tree in a pot

A Christmas tree with roots in a pot has the advantage of being reusable every year! Once Christmas Eve is over, the tree can be planted in the garden and reused the next year. Especially in smaller rooms, as well as on the balcony or terrace, it makes a good figure.