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Sorry guys, I only date cowboys…
From New York to Copenhagen, from Tokyo to Milan - Denim rules the streets everywhere right now. And even more consistently than in previous seasons: Denim on denim is the fashion trend of the hour. In other words, the blue denim is particularly popular as a complete look. The look went down in fashion history back in 2001, when the then dream couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were dressed from head to toe in jeans for the "American Music Awards". 

But the history of the blue all-rounder goes back even further. Did you know where the term "denim" comes from? It derives from the French "de Nîmes." In the French city, the fabric Serge de Nîmes (French for "fabric from Nîmes") was originally made for work clothes and found its way into people's closets due to its practical properties.

We are more than happy about that! After all, the sturdy fabric gives us a wide range of different outfits, in which we always cut a good figure. A classic pair of jeans with a plaid flannel shirt would be one option. This look is cozy, casual and at the same time warm enough to be top styled even in winter. 

There’s more to it than that, of course. Have you heard of casual chic? This expression is often used as a dress code for casual events and can give us a headache. Neither too much nor too little: Destroyed flared jeans are the keyword. Flared jeans already celebrated their comeback a long time ago, and for a good reason: They make our waists look narrow and conjure up long legs at the same time. It’s music to our ears. Put them together with a satin blouse for more elegance and create the perfect outfit for dinner with your girls.

Still haven't had enough? Then check out our denim looks in the store now and find your Perfect Fit! Have fun shopping 🛍

Published in December 2022 
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