6 tips to let your hair grow faster
Have you always wanted a magnificent head of hair, but your hair always seems to stop growing at shoulder length? Do not despair! We have 6 tips for a long, luscious mane.
Have you let your hair grow forever but it will not grow longer than to your shoulders? To a certain extent, the reason for this is because the quality and condition of the hair is influenced by your genes. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do to help towards growing healthy hair.

1. Care for your scalp 

If all your hair is coming from your scalp, then it needs to be in a good condition. Dandruff can lead to inflammation in the hair follicles and thus promote hair loss. A great remedy is a peeling mask which when made with fine-grained sea salt or pulverized sunflower seeds can help. This will aid to promote the scalps blood circulation and thus helps to stimulate hair growth. The mask should be applied once a week, your hair can be washed afterwards as usual. With the help of toners you can additionally remove excess sebum from the scalp and put an end to greasy lumps.

2. Have your ends cut regularly 

Of course, hair wouldn't grow faster because of the regular cutting of the top speeders! Nevertheless you should regularly go to the hairdresser if your goal is to grow long hair. The reason: splits at the ends can go higher, the ends are split hairs which have to be cut off completely sooner or later if they have not already fallen out before.

3. Give your hair a rest 

Hair styling processes with hairdryers, straighteners or curling tongs can cause small burns on the surface of the hair. In addition, even the most simple hair tie can cut firmly into the hair and strain the hair structure. Furthermore, a tight ponytail can tear hair out and cause damage to the scalp. So don't always be so hard on your hair, let it air-dry at least once a week instead of blow-drying it. For styling, do natural and loose styles, or, best of all, wear your hair down. 

4. Eat your fill 

If you’re trying to cut down on calories do you leave out a lot of carbohydrates? If so, this is not such a good idea - at least, not if you want to grow long healthy hair. Hair is one of the fastest growing tissues of the body and therefore needs a lot of nutrition, especially from carbohydrates such as wholemeal products or pulses. In addition, hair is not vital for the human body, so the nutrients used for hair growth can be diverted to other, more important cells. Therefore, you should pay more attention to maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet, because if you don't get the correct nutrition, your hair growth will slow down.  

5. Rely on these nutrients 

  • ► Vitamin A, also known as retinol, is especially important for growth and is present in vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and chard, as well as in honey, apricots and other crunchy sweet fruits. 
  • B-vitamins strengthen the hair structure, and help towards providing a healthy scalp. They are found in proteins such as chicken, turkey and mackerel, as well as in bananas, avocado, spinach, lentils and sunflower seeds. 
  • ► Vitamin C: Eat lots of cabbage and fruits, as they contain a lot of vitamin C, and help to promote the absorption of iron directly into the hair roots. Vitamin C is also found in delicious seabuckthorn, guava and acerola cherries. 
  • ► Iron is an immensely important element for the growth of all hair cells. Meat is a particularly effective source of protein, which is also found in tuna and oysters, as well as in white beans, carrots, peas and peaches. 
  • ► Proteins: Because over 90 percent of the hair consists of protein. For lunch therefore, fish, white meat or an egg can be prepared: At lunchtime, the hair cells are at their most active.

6. Vitamins for your hair! 

Do serums sound hocus-pocus to you? There is no need to avoid them! Most of them contain additives that promote blood circulation such as caffeine or vitamin biotin, which have similar effects to other growth-promoting additives. They are especially effective when taken in the form of complementary supplements - they are available as hard capsules in the pharmacy. Do not worry, there won’t be any thick sprouting hairs on your legs, the growth booster only works for hair on the head. But please have a little patience: It can take time for the vitamins to be absorbed and for you to see results.