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Sunny views
Summer is just around the corner! So it’s high time to pimp your outfit with trendy sunglasses. With the right sunglasses you can make a strong statement from your look.
Aside from the necessary UV protection for your eyes, your glasses should look cool and fashionable. The stars show the way - no matter if big and round or with print frames, as long as they are not plain and unobtrusive! Even if we are only allowed to catch the sun's rays on our balconies at the moment, the „It“ accessory should not be missing from your Insta photos! We especially love XXL sunglasses for 2020’s summer look. In the early 2000‘s stars like Paris Hilton hid their eyes behind huge tinted glasses - 20 years later the trend has returned! For the men among us, aviator sunglasses are still very much in vogue. But golden accents look particularly cool and classy. But if you don't want them to be so conspicuous, matt black frames are also mega hip this summer.

Make your outfit a fashion statement with these cool sunglasses:

Published in May

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