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On TOP of the World
Don't underestimate the impact of your top!
Could a look evoke more longing for the 2000s? In 2021, not only are J-Lo and Ben Affleck making their millennial love comeback - rhinestones and vertical stripes are doing it too! 

True to Marylin Monroe's "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," you'll shine bright in your new rhinestone shirt and prove how cool the look still is 20 years later. Not to forget: A pair of stylish sunglasses that will give you that last touch of coolness to create a confident look. Rebellious, bold and casual are the keywords for your new 2000s style outfit. 
Imperfectly perfect is the motto, by the way, if you want to be the style counterpart of your girlfriend. What at first glance looks like a top for painters is now more than hip. The used look, which is created by the random color splashes on the T-shirt, is simply the eye-catcher par excellence and is currently establishing itself in the fashion world. In combination with an equally eye-catching pair of shorts, you'll make sure that the people around you turn around secretly once again. 😉 Comfortable, urban and extraordinary are the keywords for your new outfit! 
Published in September 2021
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