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We ♥ Accessories !
Not one day is the same as another. And so is no outfit. We love variety and we love accessories! ♥ Because let's be honest - how boring would our closet be without accessories? They upgrade every outfit. Underline our character. Symbolize our mood. And best of all, they're incredibly versatile. With the right it-pieces you are prepared for every occasion. Browse through our daily favorites for your autumn fashion inspiration. 

PS: Our selection is extra bad hair day friendly...


You're going to visit the new art exhibition? Art is always in the eye of the beholder, but it's the details that make a piece of art. And it's the same in fashion: your accessories are essential and make your outfit stand out. To look especially mysterious when viewing the art work, oversized sunglasses are a must. A bucket hat also goes with your look - a must-have this year! And for the last finishing touch, our cool boots. 


Today it's family time = quality time! We never say no to a delicious meal with the family. Sitting together at the table, laughing, enjoying the time… Still looking for a comfortable outfit? No problem! To make a fashionable appearance, our cozy sweater in bright green is ideal. Eye-catching colors are still in trend - that's why the blue beanie fits perfectly with it! And if you are still recovering from a busy weekend, simply combine our blue sunglasses with it. 


Grab your best friend and go to the movies together again! Watch the new blockbuster and snack on popcorn like there is no tomorrow. All you really need to do is lean back - and best of all in a comfortable outfit. A cool bucket hat fits perfectly. It doesn't get much more casual than that.


A bucket hat again! The good old fishing hats are also our faithful companions in autumn. Today, sports are on the agenda, from the bleachers. Whether it's football, basketball or soccer, you don't have to look boring while cheering on your favorite team! Just spice up your fan shirt with a faux fur bucket hat and you've got your game day outfit! Even if the game ends badly, you'll always score points with this cozy headwear.


The week is done and you want to go celebrate with your girls? We got you! And here glitter is the motto! Our sparkling strass creoles and matching necklaces let you shine and give you the necessary bling bling! It will make even the simplest outfit shine. To give off a certain Parisian vibe, a beret is recommended. And if you unexpectedly meet your annoying ex or you just want to disappear discreetly, the XXL sunglasses may not be missing.

Published in August 2022 
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